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Meet Our Management Team


Preston Oka - President

Preston has been at Yamagami’s Nursery since there were more apricot trees than people. He started working at the nursery in 1959, sweeping up the front of the store with a push broom. He was a career student and was formally trained as a teacher before he got interested in the nursery business. He joined Yamagami’s Nursery permanently in 1973 and has managed the business since 1983 when his parents Mas and Betty retired.

Carrying on the tradition of his parents, Preston provides a wide and unusual selection of the best quality plants and maintains the friendly personable service that Yamagami’s Nursery is known for. Preston also brings his own vision to the business and continues to expand the nursery’s merchandise selection, customer services, and commitment to educating customers as well as employees.

He is a rare combination of a ‘hands-on’ owner, teacher and master delegator. This combination along with his genuine generosity have created loyal employees and loyal customers who continue to make his family business a success.

Brittany Lambert Yamagamis

Brittany Lambert
Merchandising Manager

Brittany Lambert graduated from Monte Vista High School, then from Cal Poly SLO in 2005. Since then she has been working at Yamagami’s Nursery doing special projects and joined the staff full-time in 2011. She has an artist’s eye and is responsible for award-winning displays in the nursery. She also is responsible for purchasing our houseplants, citrus and other specialty crops.

Amy Root Store Manager

Amy Root
Store Manager

Amy Root, Store Manager, started working at Yamagami’s in 1996 a a part-time cashier. During the ensuing years she worked her way through San Jose State, earning a BA in business.  She is responsible for the purchasing of Garden Supplies and for Scheduling.

Mike Sheade Sales Manager

Mike Sheade
Sales Manager

Mike Sheade graduated from Monte Vista High School, then Foothill College. He has extensive local retail experience and is responsible for managing the Sales Staff. He is instrumental in training new staff members and as part of the management team, he is also responsible for overseeing the smooth running of all departments.

Carolyn Villa-Scott, CCN Pro Advertising Manager

Carolyn Villa-Scott,
Advertising Manager

Carolyn Villa-Scott, Advertising Manager, started at Yamagami’s Nursery in 1987.  Her responsibilities include production of promotional materials such as the newsletter, Garden Planners, Planting Guides; maintaining Yamagami’s website and coordinating classes and events. She also works a a nurseryperson, having  advanced certificates as a CCN Pro and as a Master Fruit Taster.